Quite a poor country by the looks of things but better than some we've been to. We arrived on a Saturday and it was nice to see groups of people out cleaning up all the rubbish from the road sides in their villages at least they're making an effort. As we were staying on a resort we didn't expect to see anything else of the country, and we didn't. One important tip that we learnt from the bus driver on the way to the resort is that the east side of the island is the wetter side, guess where our resort was. It rained all week, I think it rained all over though not just where we were. The people were all really friendly.

Accommodation - We stayed in Pacific Harbour Resort, mainly as it was the second cheapest in the catalogue and had a golf course, tennis courts and other activities all thrown in. As it turned out it was a bit run down, the golf course was very poorly maintained which made it unplayable. They're starting to do things up so in a few years it might be OK, not now though.

Currency - Fiji dollar, £1 = F$3.40

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