Why planetaub?

Many reasons, some complicated some not. The main one, because all the good names for travellers web sites that I could think of have been taken. Then I thought, why not, I live in my own little world half the time, lets make it official. What about Shirley you ask, well I guess when she's not in Shirley land she's wondering what's going on on Planet Aub, (at least I hope she is) sometimes she comes for a visit, which is nice! If she could write her own web pages things might be different.

So Aub and Shirley are going on an adventure. Another "Why?" comes into your mind. We're not sure but it's mainly due to Aub reaching 30 and panicking at the realisation that he hadn't actually been anywhere or done very much at all. We shall be doing our best to explore some of the places that we've read about and seen on TV. We shall be conversing with Johnny Foreigner at every opportunity, probably by speaking slowly and loudly and with lots of arm waving just to make sure we are understood. Most of all we shall be having fun and not doing any work, which is another reason why.

We hope to update these pages on a regular basis so that anybody that's vaguely interested can find out how far we've made it, what we've been up to and what the toilets were like.