What the hell are we doing?


Having a baby, like today, o my god, arghhhhhh!!!!!!! Don't panic!!!!!


Both working and being very depressed about it.


I'm working as a chippie but still trying to get a proper job, S is unemployed again.


Trying to get a job, S got hers today.


Skiing, watching TV, not working and waiting for Jason to turn up tomorrow.


Getting packed to leave again, England is too depressing so we're off skiing for a month.


Spending our last week away in relative luxury and not seeing anymore sights.


Visiting glowworms in Waitomo caves


Lying on a beach.


Planning our trips to Fiji and New Zealand.


Visiting Michelle and Guilluame in Emerald Beach. Hurrah more luxury!


Travelling round the top end of Oz with my parents. Honestly, you travel half way round the world and who turns up, your bloody parents, you gotta love em.


Saying good bye to the rellies and going off round the country for a bit of a tour.


Picking up campervan tomorrow then going to Tasmania.


Drinking lots and listening to lots of bands in the pubs.


Relaxing, getting used to Western culture again. I'm eating like mad trying to put some weight back on.


Counting down the days until we, 1 - Go to Australia & 2 - Stop taking the bloody malaria tablets.




Reorganising our schedule to include some stops in Malaysia.


Recovering from Cambodia.


Doing a mad temple dash round Angkor.


Rushing round ruined Wat's letting our brains go numb.


Waiting for our visas to Cambodia and Laos.


Visiting the bridge on the river Kwai.


Recovering from our bus journey here.


Getting very scared on a moped.



27/11/01 9:46 AM

On the train again. Yesterday my redundancy was confirmed, I could have left on the spot but choose to stay until Wednsday, you may think I'm mad but it gives me a few extra days to say goodbye to people and sort my stuff out at work. Now starting to feel nervous/excited, everything is really happening at last.

26/10/01 9:46 AM

On a train going to work. Things are getting a bit hectic, I'm going for voluntary redundancy at work which should give us just enough money to get round the planet, things will all start a bit earlier than we thought though, like 1st Jan 2001!

3/7/01 7:13 PM

Ok so the plans have changed yet again. We're still going in Feb but we're going to go the other way around the world. This is due to cousin Liz getting married on 4th May in Melbourne. We can't make it there in time if we go via South America.

22/6/01 9:25 AM

Having postponed the trip until Feb 2002, we have decided to change our plans a bit. As we can only go in one direction on a round the world ticket we thought we'd go to Mexico first and lie on a beach in Acapulco or Cancun. Then we'll go and see the sights and work our way down through Central America into South America, avoiding the dodgy bits of course. After that we'll hope over to Easter Island if we can, then Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Bali and the rest of South East Asia. If we can still cope after that we might go somewhere else.


We are still planning things. Actually we're still doing a lot of dreaming, with the occasional bit of reading to find places we'd like to visit. Aub's actually got round to looking for flight details but still the only thing that's really happening is the web site, you have to get your priorities right!